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Gift Candles Gift Candles Decorating Ideas

Giving a gift is a great way that guests feel welcome in any kind of meeting, from a wedding to a graduation party. Candles are simple and elegant and guests can use them immediately to the returns to his home. A correct message in candles, will succeed the person feel appreciated and welcome. Take a little time to think about the text that you want to be to sail, so everyone bring a nice gift.


1. in the first line of the message, thank to the guests. A simple example is “Thank you for sharing this day with us!”

2. include a short line of candle you representing for your event and why he expects guests to enjoy the same. The sentence should also make clear that candles are intended to be carried home. For example, “Enjoy these candles soy handmade home”

3. concludes with the name of the host (s) / honoree (s). For weddings, they are the initials of the bride and groom or names under the gratitude. For a party of graduation or baby, happy grad or new MOM and dad should be named in the candle. For example, “with love, Mary and Alberto”.


• Keep a simple and short text on the sail.

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