Furniture Placement Tips

A constant home problem is usually the lack of spaces where to store things. All retain more things that we probably need, but this is not reason for chaos is taking possession of the home. The solution is to find how and where to store so that out of the way, to create a clear atmosphere that reflects cleaning and convey calm.


Closed Furniture are Preferable 

If the aim of this reform in search of the organization is to remove the Middle anything that does not have to be visible, that’s the most important thing: that the things we keep are not. Therefore we suggest to always opt for closed furniture.

When we store in closed furniture we can save ourselves the shelves and hooks that they abigarran both the environment, in this way all is visually lighter. It is better to opt for furniture that bring built-in drawers or shelves inside, or that allow putting baskets inside.


Polyphemus Porada signature furniture, is an excellent choice. With a sober but elegant design, it can be the solution to your problems and to add style and sophistication to the room where you choose to place it. We recommend it for the living room or bedroom, and remember to always bear in mind the decoration that has each space.



The showcases are also a successful choice, especially for the living room or the kitchen, since crystals allow to visualize the content that we keep. They are very useful to use the stored as a decorative element, for example to save books whose covers are true art pieces or those that form a collection which are the proud owner.


We also recommend those who have sliding doors so no remaining space to the room when they are opened. Sliding glass doors are an excellent option to added modernity to the place.


We propose the Kyoto Glass showcase, manufactured by Riva 1920, as it is a valuable addition to your living room. Not only allows display what guards and decorate the environment, but that it also has wooden crates for storing objects that does not want to have to view. Its impeccable design in wood and glass makes it a classic model and distinguishes it by its elegance.


Equally elegant and unique is the Joyce, designed by Russel Pynch. Behind its doors sliding glass has three shelves and four large drawers on the inside.


Horizontal and Lower Cabinets

Furniture low but wide horizontally to allow us to take advantage of the volume of the room and not abigarran visually to be small or medium stature. Look at the model cube proposed Sudbrock, an extremely modern, rational design without decorative excesses, his impeccable white only highlights in this sideboard.




Where to place them? Take advantage of every corner

If it is important to choose correctly the furniture we need, more important still is the space that you have and know how to use it. A misplaced piece of furniture can spoil the decoration of a room, can look disheveled or can reduce the space visually.


We must take advantage of those places that many forget to decorate. For a youth apartment we recommend the low sofas or even put bed in high, as the children’s bunk beds and space under this. The space under the stairs is always very useful and often despised.


Pay attention to those areas that you have unused in the House and think as you could take full advantage to installing some furniture to store in it. We recommend always place them on the walls because these furniture tend to occupy enough space and if we put them in the middle of the room, created a division that will ruin the design of the place.


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