Ideas About Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

The important thing in the bathroom lighting is to be functional as well as decorative. It is ideal to be able to combine different types of lights to create unique environments and maintain the functionality of each area of the bathroom.

To provide for a comfortable and comfortable bath you must have good lighting. In addition to the general light that is usually found in the Center, you can use a punctual and another hint. For general light several points of light on the ceiling must be prevented. An excellent choice are halogen bulbs.

Halogen lighting provides light similar to the natural, counting with the same wattage than incandescent bulbs, but with the advantage that light up twice. Within the disadvantages of this type of light is that they radiate much heat, as well as require a false ceiling to hide the transformer and can be more expensive than other types of lights for the bathroom.

For a good general lighting can be placed several points of light on the ceiling. Some of the bulbs must be oriented to allowing that direct the beam of light towards specific points. For example, in a bathroom measuring 6 square meters you would need four halogen bulbs.

Some sectors of the bathroom require a point light. One of them is the part of the toilet, where some focus on the mirror or sconces on the sides can be placed. If the large bathroom is a punctual lighting in each area will be required. On the basis of size can be interesting place some separate switches to turn on and turn off some lights and avoid unnecessary spending.

Where the bathroom has integrated a dressing room can illuminate with indirect lighting sector. In the bathtub or shower area it is best placed tight foci. The light in the shower can be tenuous and envelope, capable of generating a feeling of warmth, you can even play with colors to achieve the effect of Chemotherapy both we see in spas.

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